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To the editor,
We had the honor of listening to Nick Polce, a Republican conservative candidate running for Congress. We agree with Polce on his stance regarding term limits. He believes that senators and representatives should go to Washington for six years each and then return to the private sector. This encourages problem solving for the country instead of self-interest that you see with the career politicians. This change also should include all of their staff.
To the editor,
I am appalled and frightened for our democracy by President Donald Trump’s performance at his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He defended our country’s greatest adversary, Putin, and maligned our own country and its law enforcement agencies.
In August 2017 the School District of Janesville Board of Education approved the Janesville Promises (, a five-year plan developed around the core deliverable that “every student will graduate ready for college, career and life.”
To the editor,
The Janesville Transit System is undergoing several changes and improvements.
Thursday, 19 July 2018 10:54

We all must speak up for immigrant children

Written by
To the editor,
The story that has dominated news coverage is our country’s treatment of immigrant families seeking asylum in our country. I cannot stay silent.



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