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To the editor,
It used to be folks would be proud to say they lived in Illinois. What’s not to love — beautiful farms, busy factories, dynamic small towns, eye-popping Chicago, the lakefront, museums and boat harbors. But things are different now. Forty years of big city Democrats dominating our lawmaking has wrought awful changes, none worse than those of the legislative session that ended June 2.
As Justice Shirley Abrahamson ends her tenure on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, after 43 years and more than 1,300 authored opinions, she leaves a rich legacy of legal scholarship, including her important support for government transparency.
Thursday, 25 July 2019 08:21

The increasing wave of denial is troubling

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To the editor,
Denial, lack of concern for others and conspiracy theories are everywhere. The Chicago Tribune reports an increase in denial of the Holocaust, denial of climate change etc. Also, there is a lawsuit involving an Oregon, Wisconsin, man who insists the Sandy Hook massacre never occurred. An article in the Wisconsin State Journal indicates the lawsuit is being brought by one of the parents of a child who died during the shooting. The parent feels stressed and harassed.
To the editor,
It is appropriate that the truth about Paul Ryan is being exposed, not only by President Donald Trump, but by other significant sources. It’s absurd for Ryan to call out Trump for knowing nothing about government because Trump is second to none on implementing his policies and Ryan couldn’t even make the list.
To the editor,
The city of Janesville has 2,645 total public fire hydrants throughout the city in yards, along roadways and near street corners. Fire hydrants are installed for the safety of the community and to help reduce insurance rates. They also are used by our water department as a way to keep our water system flushed clean and to maintain top-quality drinking water for our residents and visitors.
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