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Thursday, 25 July 2019 08:20

A little fire hydrant maintenance goes a long way

Written by Staff Writer
To the editor,
The city of Janesville has 2,645 total public fire hydrants throughout the city in yards, along roadways and near street corners. Fire hydrants are installed for the safety of the community and to help reduce insurance rates. They also are used by our water department as a way to keep our water system flushed clean and to maintain top-quality drinking water for our residents and visitors.
Most people are so used to seeing fire hydrants that they don’t give them a second thought. They stand proudly throughout the city, ready to flow into action with a twist of their top and a spin of their caps.

Here are a few suggestions to show a little year-round appreciation to those yellow soldiers who stand proudly throughout the city, ready to serve you 24/7, 365 days a year:
• Don’t hide a fire hydrant with bushes, shrubs and tall plants. If firefighters can’t find them, precious time is wasted in situations where seconds count.

• Don’t park next to a fire hydrant just to save a few steps. Most of us can use the exercise of a few extra steps anyway.

• Although winter seems a long way off, keep at least a 3-foot area around fire hydrants clear of snow, and make a path from the fire hydrant to the road.

Whether it is 20 degrees below zero or 100 degrees above zero, our fire hydrants stand ready to serve at a moment’s notice. How about helping show a fire hydrant near you a little year-round appreciation?

Bill Ruchti, deputy chief
Janesville Fire Department


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