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Thursday, 20 June 2019 09:24

Liberal mindset skews opinion about state budget

Written by Staff Writer
To the editor,
In response to a letter in the June 16 paper: Last November the voters did change the governor in Wisconsin. If you remember, Gov. Scott Walker was ahead by 4,000 votes at 12:30 a.m., but all of a sudden, 30,000 ballots were found in Milwaukee, most going to Tony Evers. If this were reversed, the Democrats would have called for a re-election.
The Republicans still hold majority in both state houses. The June 16 letter states Republicans want to cut funding for our school system.

In the 2019 budget they offered Evers $1.9 billion for the University of Wisconsin System and one-half billion for public schools. It is up to Evers to accept.

(The letter) also stated Republicans turned down millions of federal dollars to expand Medicaid in Wisconsin. Medicaid pays less than Medicare. Some doctors and hospitals don’t even accept Medicaid. The millions of federal funds turned down, believe it or not, come from taxpayers, even from Wisconsin taxpayers. A hospital in Milwaukee went bankrupt from accepting too many Medicaid patients.

The next time a liberal sits down to do his tax return, he shouldn’t take any deductions, so they pay more taxes. A corporation pays a 20 percent corporate tax — 20 cents on every dollar of profit. Now, if that corporation re-invests, hires more people, buys more equipment (and) expands business, it can take these as deductions, so they pay less taxes. The liberals want higher corporate tax, which only takes away from expansion and higher wages.

Evers’ $83.5 billion budget grows government and raises taxes.

One more thing: The state of Wisconsin school system seems to be in competition of who can build the prettiest and largest school.

Michael Buchek
East Troy


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