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Thursday, 13 June 2019 09:07

Legislature rejects funding changes that voters requested

Written by Staff Writer
To the editor,
Last November Wisconsin voters sent a simple message to those holding office or seeking election to state government. The voters were demanding adequate funding for local schools to end the plethora of school referendums that arose over the eight years of Republican rule. They wanted funding restored to the University of Wisconsin to return Wisconsin’s top economic engine to its status as one of the world’s great universities.
Wisconsinites overwhelmingly insisted that legislators accept the federal money to expand Medicaid to provide affordable health care while saving Wisconsin millions in tax dollars. Perhaps the most straightforward demand was to fix Wisconsin’s roads.

Gov. Tony Evers sought to fund these voter requests by rolling back the manufacturing and agriculture tax credit that allows large corporate entities to pay nearly no state income tax, with nearly 80 percent of the credit going to filers with earnings of more than a million dollars.

The Republican-controlled Wisconsin Legislature is rejecting the voters’ message. They are cutting the budget requests to fund our public schools and the UW System. They are refusing to accept the $1 billion in federal money available for health care expansion. The Republicans will not end the tax giveaway to millionaire corporate entities, showing that they prioritize tax breaks for the powerful over the well-being of Wisconsin’s children and families.

State Sen. Steve Nass claims that Evers’ margin of victory over former Gov. Scott Walker was not large enough to warrant his consideration of the voters’ calls for change.

Jerry Hanson


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