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Thursday, 01 March 2018 14:19

Ryan fails to use fiscal restraint; it’s time for him to move on

Written by Staff Writer

To the editor,
No matter how you frame it, Paul Ryan has swallowed the D.C. kool-aid. He speaks on conservative values, then does the opposite. The House Republicans are fractured under his leadership.

On page 94 of Ryan’s book, “The Way Forward,” he states “ … I came away with an even deeper appreciation for the role of congressional leadership. Who holds the top posts really matters because the decisions they make at the outset determine the votes that every member has to take and how much good we can achieve ... ”

Call it raising budget caps, debt ceiling increase, increasing federal budget deficit — it is all bigger government which taxpayers cannot afford. He is not using his economics degree to find fiscal restraint in the face of increasing deficits. Voters did not give Congress a blank check. In the omnibus bill of 2015, I was angry; it raised our country’s debt. With this 2018 omnibus bill, I don’t understand the need for such a large stimulus with more debt.

Remember Walworth County Fair where Ryan uninvited Trump? The crowd and I were furious about the chip he had on his shoulder as he tried to spin his actions. Ryan has not been exactly supportive of President Trump in 2017.

Our founders did not intend for government to be a career. This November will be his 10th run for office. Let’s enforce citizen’s term limits on Paul Ryan. My vote is my voice. Call for Paul Ryan to retire!

Bonnie Ketterhagen



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