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Thursday, 04 January 2018 10:19

Volunteers, donors make dinner a success

Written by Staff Writer

To the editor,
American Legion Post 95 Christmas Day Dinner 2017 is now in the books as another successful day enjoyed by so many. Between those at the Legion and deliveries, about 185 dinners were served and we thank everyone for coming and receiving a dinner — that’s what it’s all about.

Our heartfelt special thanks to new member and “chef” Bob (and Deb) for all their hard work; Jo, who manned the phone calls; Lewie, Connie and the auxiliary for setup, decorations, pies and other edibles; Chris Marsicano for the donations that he provided; along with Starbucks and Maria from Anchor Inn.

I am not going to name all the workers, as most are there every year for us and we truly appreciate all you have and are doing for us. But we did have some new faces and we hope that they return next year, like Barb and Bob, Bonnie and Gene, Dixie, Mayor Mel and Matt, Diane and Christine and Glenda. Our delivery crew braved the cold to make sure the deliveries got to their destinations.

We can’t forget those great Tom & Jerrys made by Emory and served up by Mary and our entertainment by Karen. Santa couldn’t make it this year, but we had a 6-foot elf that helped with the gravy.

We had a great cleanup crew and the work went smoothly. We even got Andy to pitch in a little. Thanks to Piggly Wiggly for their continued support.

We restricted our deliveries to the local area and I know that we had requests from outside this area that we could not meet. We apologize for that, but other communities should consider a similar event to take care of (people in their area).

Larry Malsch, chairman
Post 95 Christmas Day Dinner



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